Recent developments on the African continent such as the AFCFTA can boost intra-African trade with appropriate planning and implementation. As a result, social enterprises might be able to build more sustainable business models, as well as have access to resources to scale their social mission. However, belonging to the right network is crucial to sustainably capture the full opportunities that increased intra- trading activities might bring.

This workshop aims to broadly discuss social enterprise networks and its importance for Africa’s economic integration plans. It would highlight the benefits of networks for social enterprises and how entrepreneurs can leverage it to meet their economic and social objectives in Africa.

Are you a social entrepreneur interested in learning more about the benefits of networks and how to build one for your social enterprise? Are you interested in knowing more about how to leverage existing networks to sustain your social enterprise activities or you just want to know more about the opportunities for social entrepreneurs in the planned intra-African trade project? Register now to attend this event.

Our Speaker

Edwin Zu Cudjoe.

Executive Director, Social Enterprise Ghana

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