The Sustaining Impact Summit (SIS) is an annual event aimed at promoting the sustenance of impact and impact-focused organizations in Africa. Each year, SIS brings together social enterprises and NGOs, alongside industry experts, policymakers, and representatives from local and international development organizations to explore how impact-focused organizations can sustainably resource their impact-related work, particularly in cases of limited or no external support.

At SIS, our activities are practitioner-oriented, focusing on social enterprises and NGOs alike, providing a vital platform to celebrate their resilience and innovations in addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. We firmly believe that such impact-focused organizations have the potential to thrive, thereby propelling sustainable development and positive change across the continent. Through expert panels, tailored workshops, mentorship opportunities, and collaborative discussions, SIS empower s attendees to unleash their inherent capabilities and devise strategies for long-term success.

Furthermore, SIS is structured to cultivate collaboration and innovation among such impact-focused organizations across Africa. Attendees are engaged with valuable insights, networks, and resources to navigate their journey toward building resilience and sustaining their innovative work for sustainable development.

Join us at SIS in envisioning a future where impact-focused organizations are self-sufficient in resourcing their impact-related work, thereby paving the way for a more resilient and prosperous Africa.


To celebrate the resilience of impact-focused organizations across Africa, while highlighting the barriers to sustaining impact and discussing relevant strategies for overcoming them.


At ASEW, we recognize the critical role that social enterprises and NGOs play in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly across African countries. Leveraging our extensive experience in organizing impactful workshop sessions with diverse organizations, we’ve identified a common challenge: sustaining impact initiatives.

For our participants, this entails navigating a complex landscape to secure financing, develop human capital, access technical expertise, forge partnerships, find appropriate mentorships, and more. This challenge is compounded by shifting funding priorities, harsh business environments, and volatile socio-political landscapes worsened by crises like COVID-19 and climate change, affecting both early-stage ventures and established entities across the continent. In response to this pressing need, we’ve pioneered this annual summit.

Here, we shine a spotlight on these challenges and collaboratively craft strategies for impact-focused organizations to navigate them effectively towards achieving self-sufficiency. By convening thought leaders and practitioners, our summit empowers impact-focused organizations with the insights and resources necessary to sustain their impact, drive meaningful change, and make significant contributions towards addressing the continent’s sustainable development challenges.

Past Editions

August 17, 2023

5th Summer Edition

Sustainability through Market Creation and Access: Exploring Opportunities, Barriers, and Strategies for African Social Enterprises
August 25, 2022

4th Summer Edition

Innovating your commercial model for sustainability: Strategies, tools and support mechanisms for African social enterprises
August 10, 2021

3rd Summer Edition

Grant Funding and Grant Writing for Social Enterprises: Do’s and Don’ts
July 16, 2020

2nd Summer Edition

Repositioning your Social Enterprise for new realities: Strategy and impact measurement workshop
April 15, 2019

1st Summer Edition

Navigating social and commercial objectives in social enterprises


Outputs such as recorded materials would be generated and made available to attendees

Also, insights from all the recorded materials would be distilled into a concise report that social enterprise practitioners can learn from or implement to improve their daily impact work.

We firmly believe this event will amplify the discussions around resource access, equity, and management for impact-focused organizations, as well as impact sustenance, for a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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