Volunteering for ASEW

Volunteer with us to help in contributing to the development of social enterprise capacity and ecosystem in Africa.
Whether you are a practitioner, researcher or an aspiring professional, we always have exciting opportunities to work with us and it is a great chance to help shape our work in many different ways.
You can apply directly to some of the opportunities we announce or simply complete this form to submit your interest to volunteer with us, as we usually recruit directly from our database.
We hope that you can join us on this impactful mission!

Hear from one of our volunteers

Reflections from my time with ASEW

This role has broadened my understanding of the opportunities available in social entrepreneurship. Through the ASEW September Spinoff Edition, I have also come up with a business modelling template which has broadened my horizon about how to market my organization (Volunteers in Progress) as a social entrepreneur.

I now have more confidence in projecting it to the world at large given my involvement with ASEW in the past 6 months. Also, I have built a stronger online presence especially on LinkedIn and this role has helped me to keep up to date about international days that resonate with Africa, social enterprise and the sustainable development goals.

My work at ASEW remains an attestation to the fact that I can do more than I can imagine.

Samuel Osho
Volunteer Program and Social Media Manager
April - September, 2022