Completion of Website project and launch

Following on from our last post, ASEW has finally concluded the FREE web design for African social entrepreneurs’ (F-ASE) project and launched three websites hosted, designed and developed without charges to participating organizations.

According to the Convener of ASEW, Dr Adeyemi, the aim of the free website project is to offer online presence and support to African social entrepreneurs to further legitimize their activities and better engage their online audience, while attracting new ones.

Statistics have it that an average person now spends more time (8hrs 41mins) online via mobile devices than sleeping. Also, more than a billion people shop, search for jobs, bank or stream music online and over two billion people now read news digitally, according to the Guardian. These indicates the continuous expansion of the internet economy, which organizations such as African social entrepreneurs need to consistently leverage in how they conduct business and meet the needs of people through instantaneous communication and activities. Now, three social entrepreneurs can add a new website to their toolbox to better benefit from these opportunities available online.

Three designers offered to provide their services in designing this website for free. Hope Soka, a web designer, stated that:

“It was a great experience, the feeling of helping others grow with my skills its actually a good feeling for me.”

Also, Mewase Olumide – an e-commerce website developer stated that the experience of participating in the project has helped him learn and improve on using the WordPress design template, a skill he was lacking before.

The three social entrepreneurs have high hopes since the launch of their website. Samuel Osho who is the Founder of Volunteer in Progress (a social enterprise promoting the act of volunteering among youths in Nigeria) shows his excitement and appreciation for the project. According to him,

“This is a dream come true for the organization. I am very grateful for the support received from the sponsor and the website designer. Having an online presence beyond our growing social media platforms is a major milestone for us.”

Below are the names of the beneficiaries with their brand-new website links to learn more about them:

Samuel Osho – Founder, Volunteers in Progress (Link to website). Designed by Aanuoluwapo Babatunde.

John Obuaba – Executive Director, Her Fund (Link to website). Designed by Mewase Olumide.

Audrey Odogu – Founder, Save the Cervix Initiative (Link to website). Designed by Hope Soka.

With hopes of supporting more social entrepreneurs to have an engaging online presence, we welcome partnerships from internet professionals, corporate sponsors and NGOs to drive this F-ASE project further and scale it up to reach more organizations at the grassroots addressing critical social issues in an African context.

Kindly reach out to us via the contact us form to find out how you can participate.

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