Exciting Collaboration: African Social Enterprise Workshop Teams Up with Tangaza University College!


We are thrilled to announce a partnership between the African Social Enterprise Workshop (ASEW) and the Institute For Social Transformation – Tangaza University College. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone as we gear up to host the much-awaited 5th Summer Edition of the African Social Enterprise Workshop (17-18 Aug, Virtual).

ASEW has been at the forefront of empowering change-makers and social entrepreneurs across the continent for the past four years. With a strong commitment to driving positive impact and sustainable solutions, our workshops has successfully connected visionary minds, sparked innovation, and fostered a powerful network of like-minded individuals working towards a brighter future for Africa.

In our pursuit of excellence and reaching new heights, we couldn’t have asked for a more fitting partner for the 5th edition than the Institute For Social Transformation – Tangaza University College. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to social transformation and academic brilliance, the institute brings with it a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources that will undoubtedly enrich the workshop experience for all participants.

The upcoming virtual 5th Summer Edition, that we are co-convening with the World Chamber for Social Business (WCSB), promises to be a transformative event, leveraging the collective strength of both organizations to offer an unparalleled learning and networking opportunity. Through an array of engaging sessions, insightful panels, and practical activities, participants will be equipped with the tools and inspiration needed to sustainably create new markets or access existing ones for impact in their communities.

As we countdown to the 17th of August, we extend a warm invitation to aspiring change-makers, entrepreneurs, and socially conscious individuals to join us for this flagship event. You can register directly here or through our homepage.

Also, stay tuned for further updates, including speaker announcements, workshop agenda, and other event details, which will be revealed in the coming days. Follow us on our official social media channels and visit our website to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

Eagerly looking forward to virtually welcoming you!

About African Social Enterprise Workshop (ASEW):

The African Social Enterprise Workshop (ASEW) gathers change makers and leaders tackling Africa’s sustainability challenges to discuss critical issues facing social enterprises. It aims to foster knowledge exchange and collaborations among such alternative businesses, while also sharing tools for organizing to meet their commercial, social and/or environmental objectives in Africa.

About Institute For Social Transformation – Tangaza University College:

The Institute for Social Transformation is a centre of excellence within Tangaza University College. The objective of the training at the Institute for Social Transformation (IST) is to solve our collective social problems as change makers and social transformers. At IST, learners graduate to be catalysts of positive transformative leaders in their work places, business environments, religious institutions, local communities, at national and global levels.

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