Introducing the Sustaining Impact Prize: Celebrating Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development in Africa


We are excited to launch the Sustaining Impact Prize, an initiative that recognizes and rewards innovative solutions driving sustainable development in Africa. This prestigious prize aims to celebrate impact-focused organizations and initiatives on the continent that demonstrate a commitment to self-sufficiency and sustainable resourcing.

The award will be judged based on a project or initiative’s:

  • Alignment with the SDGs
  • Demonstration of how impact work is being sustained now
  • Demonstration of how impact work will be sustained in the future

Submission Requirements:

To participate, please provide the following:

1. Application form: Complete the online application form with detailed information about the project and contact details.

2. Pitch Deck (max. 5 slides): Showcase your sustainable project, its impact (with metrics), current sustainability strategies, and plans for long-term sustainability.


Video Pitch (max. 5 minutes): Record a video covering the same topics as the pitch deck.

Visit our website: for more information and to submit your application.

Deadline: July 31, 2024


– 1st Prize: $250

– 2nd Prize: $150

– 3rd Prize: $100

  • All winners will be considered for the ASEW Fellowship, gaining recognition and visibility across Africa, along with mentorship opportunities from our network of experts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to amplify your impact.

Apply now!

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