Social Entrepreneur Of The Month – October


Briefly tell us about yourself and your organization?

I’m Kromyon Dakai, currently serving as the Team Lead at ManguSkillsConnect (MSC). My roots trace back to the beautiful Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria, in the early 1990s.My passion is fueled by the desire to contribute my share to uplift humanity from its current challenges through various legal and profitable, means. At ManguSkillsConnect, our mission is to transform the global society by promoting Love, Free-Dom, and Light among people. We’re committed to equipping individuals, particularly the less privileged, with vocational skills and guidance, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the society.

We have extended our efforts to undeserved communities, including orphans, and we’re dedicated to scaling up our impact. Our ultimate objective is to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, including drug addicts, widows, and those with disabilities, by providing them with the skills of their choice in order to foster their self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and a will to contribute positively to their families and the broader community.

What motivated you to start your social enterprise?

We set out to empower individuals with technological skills which they can leverage to contribute meaningfully to society. We believe our initiative can contribute to addressing the issue of kidnapping, drug abuse, theft, prostitution etc. by empowering youths with relevant skills that enables them to act as change agents in their families and communities..This vision led to the establishment of MSC in 2019.

So far, what has been the impact of your social enterprise?

We’ve made a significant impact by providing training to over 100 individuals in our community, empowering them to become self-reliant contributors to both their families and society at large. Additionally, we’ve been a source of hope and a means of livelihood for orphans.

What are the major challenges you are currently facing in your social enterprise?

One of our primary challenges is acquiring the necessary resources to expand our training programs to reach more vulnerable, less privileged, and disabled individuals. Another hurdle we face is finding dedicated volunteers who are willing to selflessly consistently commit their time in  support of our programs.

Mention one big change you will like to see in your line of work e.g. policy change, behavior change, institutional support, more collaboration?

“We would like to see increased collaborations in the capacity development space, guidance, and support to achieve the realization of the global society in Love, Free-Dom and Light.

Do you have a final message for a budding social entrepreneur who is interested in your field of work?

“Just begin! Start and never stop, whether or not you have everything you think you need. While it is important to plan and strategize, never allow anything deter you from developing your ideas or starting your initiatives.


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